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Why choose us?

We have more than 15 years to do cinema,our client from more than 120 countries,we have good in faith for after-service team.Our product have the advantage of low failure rate,Our product will provide you prefessional dynamic motion and full 3D view with 9D VR Cinema.

I do not compeletly understand how 9D VR Cinema works?

9D VR Cinema is a 3 DOF dynamic motion platform,match Virtual Reality Simulator with Oculus Rift to reach a real feeling to the player when experice,like they are in the movie.The 9D cinema movie have shooting zombies,fighting in the flight and sea.roller coasters and so on.For the shooting game,you can shooting with the button in left and right hand.

Why 9D VR Cinema is a high profit product?

In cinema field,customer need more news,they want to experice more irritive and innovative items,9D VR Cinema full meet the thoughts.The feeling more real to general cinema,the shooting more real than general.

it need less occupied area,with the lovely egg body to abstract more business chance.

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